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 Breast is starting to look like a potent HIV-fighter

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Breast is starting to look like a potent HIV-fighter Empty
PostSubject: Breast is starting to look like a potent HIV-fighter   Breast is starting to look like a potent HIV-fighter EmptyWed Jul 04, 2012 4:36 pm

The US Centers for Disease Control is considering the value of offering HIV tests at US pharmacies, to accelerate identification and treatment of Americans who don't know they are infected with the virus. Some people were infected unintentionally. At the moment, one-third of those with HIV are diagnosed so late that they develop AIDS within a year. Wholesale nike jerseys
Breast milk is starting to look like a potent HIV-fighter. A recent study found that an unknown component of breast milk appears to kill HIV particles and virus-infected cells, as well as preventing HIV transmission. cheap nike jerseys
“Milk has an intrinsic innate ability to kill HIV," says J. Victor Garcia, who supervised the work. However, if the rodents were fed breast milk containing HIV, the virus wasn't transmitted. If it can be identified, it might be used to prevent other forms of HIV cells and transmission. authentic jerseys
If the milk are very effective, and they can take steps to avoid infecting others, many babies will born positively and will grow up as well as common people. People are infected because their parents were infected by HIV cells. In May, the US Food and Drug Administration opened a new front against the disease by developing some drugs. wholesale jerseys
The US Food and Drug Administration’s goal is to make HIV testing as routine as a blood pressure check, then many infected people can know their diseases directly. And the positive ways to protect the born baby whose mother has HIV cells. If it is available they can take steps to avoid infecting others. Combination drugs may increase the options available for treatment, but 25 percent of those in the UK with HIV remain undiagnosed. Maybe the breast milk are the next step in tackling HIV virus. custom jerseys
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Breast is starting to look like a potent HIV-fighter
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