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 Can Makeup Help For the Domestic Violence

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Can Makeup Help For the Domestic Violence Empty
PostSubject: Can Makeup Help For the Domestic Violence   Can Makeup Help For the Domestic Violence EmptyThu Jul 05, 2012 11:43 pm

Human beings tend to be nice. Everyone has his heart in beautiful things, so make-up is common for the girls. Many people hope to look the best the morning after, they also want to cover up the worse things or make themselves more confident. wholesale jerseys

Now many office ladies go to sleep later and have a black eye when they wake up the next day. A new study has found that wrong make-up way will hurt their skins. So it is important for many beauties try the best way to make themselves look more beautiful. However, other things may urge them to make up when they suffer the domestic violence.
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In many countries, women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden and cover them up. Domestic violence is a huge issue and many women who had suffered the violence said that it need not get the exposure. Make-up can help them look better for a moment. But it looks they need some support. authentic jerseys

An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical abuse by a partner each year in the U.S., according to the National Coalition against domestic violence. Some women cover it up for a number of reasons and they also want to protect the relationship. So they will say nothing when they suffer the violence and make-up more frequently. Wholesale nike jerseys

It's hard for women to ditch the cover-up and speak up instead but stressed that there's always support available. It is the fact that they really need help. Support groups for domestic violence survivors say that they are many different ways to reach out for help. custom jerseys
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Can Makeup Help For the Domestic Violence
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