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 The origin of Dallas Cowboys

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The origin of Dallas Cowboys Empty
PostSubject: The origin of Dallas Cowboys   The origin of Dallas Cowboys EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 12:07 pm

"America's team" has the reputation of the Dallas cowboys in 1960 to join NFL, have many fans to support. custom jerseys
The head of the team just established a month named "rhino" (Rhinoceros). After a week, the team renamed "Rangers" (Rangers), then Dallas have a baseball team of the same name, they had originally planned to dissolved in 1960 years ago. But when Dallas football team also named "rangers", that a baseball team decided to hold a year. So, the football team boss little Clint MuJiSen (Clint Murchison Jr.) and Bedford Wayne (Bedford Wynne) decided to name the team for the cowboys to avoid mix up. wholesale nfl jerseys
Cowboys NFL history is one of the most successful team, it is the greatest number of playoffs team (27 times), have 8 times into the super bowl, also is the final most times team. Cowboys or NFL history the first team to win three times four years in the super bowl teams wholesale nike jerseys (New England patriots is the second team), and has won five times the super bowl, respectively is 1971 season of 6 th, 1977 season the 12 th, 1992 season of 27, 1993 season of the 28 th and the 1995 season 30 th (San Francisco 49 ers and Pittsburgh GangRen team also won five more times the super bowl). wholesale Jerseys
At present the cowboys were Jerry Jones have, worth as much as $1.851 billion
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The origin of Dallas Cowboys
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